Phoenix Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion

Phoenix Custom Made Pressure Relief Cushions

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  • Multi-stretch waterproof covers included.
  • Checkout, this product is Zero rated for vat

Please order minimum thickness of 8cm for sizes greater that 8cm customer can expect additional foam to be bonded to accommodate the height requirement set by the customer.







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Foam Grade


Two way castellated foam for pressure relief 8cm thickness


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Foam Grade

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Phoenix Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion Features

Designed to reduce the risk pressure ulcers & sores

Make your wheelchair cushion to your individual specification.

Eco friendly castellated medical grade foam for greater pressure relief

Waterproof zip on/off multi-Stretch cover.

Phoenix Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushions can be used in wheelchairs, strollers, walkers, cars, scooter or your lounge sofa or chair.

Why put up with a standard size wheelchair seats. We are all different shapes and sizes. All our needs are all deferent. In this listing customers can fully customise the length, width, thickness of their wheelchair cushion to meet their individual requirements.

Why is this foam4u Phoenix Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion eco friendly

Thanks to the efficacy of Covid19 vaccine. Far fewer of us who catch Covid19 will ever have to spend any time in hospital. Lots of foam suppliers during the early days of the pandemic were tasked to make mattresses for Nightingale hospitals & other facilities. Just in case the pandemic get out of hand. Unused mattresses are now being recycled back in to usable other foam products. We have chosen to recycle the foam in to wheelchair pressure relief seat cushion.

Pressure Relief with foam4u

Wheelchair users are particularly susceptible to ulcers and pressure sores. The Phoenix pressure relief wheelchair cushion has a twin castellated structure that redistributes the wheelchairs users weight. Reducing the stress to those more sensitive nether regions. Pressure sores & ulcers can be very uncomfortable and be hazardous to health. Prevention is often better than the cure, so if you invest in a Phoenix Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion it may never become a problem.

Pricing at foam4u

Some of our competitors claim to be the cheapest & the best on the market, We checked and their wrong. Please take the time to compare prices you won’t be disappointed.