Fabric Protection Spray

Fabric Protection Spray.


Fabric Protection Spray is compatible with most fabric (try small area first).
Best used little and often to help reduce soiling and staining.

Please read all instructions carefully before use.

Please contact us for help and information.

Glover Bond Adhesive Spray

Glover Bond.

Water and heat resistant spray/adhesive-glover-bond.

Water and heat resistant spray adhesive for foam and other materials.

Suitable for bonding most upholstery materials to themselves or to each other, e.g. Hessian, synthetic and natural fabrics canvas, paper cardboard, latex, and polyurethane foam.

Glover bond will stick any of the above to a rigid substance such as wood, plastic or metal.

Not recommended for PVC or vinyl if in doubt test small area before use.

Please contact us for help and information.

Glover Silk Lubricant Spray

Glover Silk Silicon Lubricant.

Glover Silk Lubricant Spray/Silicon Lubricant.

For ease of fitting spray Glover Silk on to your foam before you fit your covers Trust me ! it makes a difference.

Please read the instructions before use.

Used in the textile and clothing industries as a lubricant for machines, table tops and as a mould release agent. Can also be used to buff up vinyl and car dashboards to leave a dry bright finish.

Please contact us for help and information.