Chair needing cushion refill service
cushion refill service

Replacement Upholstery Foam: Easy Cushion Refill

Does this look familiar, collapsed sofa & chair cushions can easily be replaced. Just follow some simple instructions below, and new sofa cushion replacements will be delivered perfectly fitted for you to enjoy.  Uncomfortable sofa cushion & collapsed chair cushions with be a distant memory. 

1. Pack 

Customers can use the online calculator at the top of the home page to get a rough idea of cost. Then send your sofa cushion covers to us and we will do the rest. Just remove the upholstery foam from its covers and pack them up securely (in a box).

2. Send 

Next you can post them to us (it’s always advisable to send them recorded delivery), don’t forget to enclose your contact details. If you’re a local customers you can visit our factory shop and drop them off and collect when ready.
Our Address: Mark Harris Upholstery Ltd, The Foam Shop, Unit 28 Livingstone Way, Taunton, Somerset. TA26BD

3. Price 

Customers covers arrive, one of my team will contact you to discuss the cost and grade of foam most suitable.

4. Get it.

We will cut and shape your chosen grade of upholstery foam to the size  and restore the sofa cushions to their former glory. With over 100 years’ experience & 3 generations of Upholsterers in my family, you are in good hands.

CONTACT US . If you have concerns or want to chat through the process.