You should always fit Stockinette to your order, as it eases fitting while preventing premature wear to both foam and cushion cover fabric. Please note if you order foam cushions under 10 cm thickness the Stockinette may be baggy, as it is a one size fits all product.

Stockinette makes the foam slide easier into your cover, as a results in the long term your cushions retain their shape better. Both foam and cover will move against each other. The front seam of any cushion will naturally want to ride backwards, without stockinette this can deform the front edge of the foam. By adding stockinette you create a barrier between foam and fabric. As you sit on the cushion front seam will still want to rotate towards the back, however as the friction between foam and cover has been reduced, when you get up the cover will return to its original position.

If you have any questions, please call 08007311168.

Please refer to the tolerance page for max/min sizes. Stockinette that is too large to fit through our heat seal finisher will be hand finished. Customers may notice two distinct types of stockinette used, this will have no effect on its performance.

Stockinette can be damaged as a result of careless handling, great care must be taken when handling items that have stockinette fitted, especially when being unwrapped. This product does not travel well. Please note it is the nature of this product to catch, snag and ladder with no effect on the products performance.