Here are some hits and tip to ensure that when you order a new roof mattress you get the right foam for you.

Pop-Top Mattresses are generally too thin to offer much support. Roof mattresses often feel very hard & uncomfortable not to mention how hot and stuffy it gets on long hot summer nights. There is not a perfect solution because most mattress in pop-tops are 5cm or under. There is a way however to get more support from the amount of space available.

Because Pop-Top mattress are thin you sink through them and feel the board beneath. In our experience customers wrongly assume because the bed feels hard they need to replace it with something softer. Memory foam for example.

Memory foam is not the answer. Memory foam on its own is great as a mattress topper but should never be used as a mattress . You’ll just sink through it

In our experience the best solution is to use a Firm High Density Foam like our Rg50 Despite the foam being firm it will create a softer sleep experience as you wont sink in as far.

Keeping cool is the next priority, Here at foam4u we have this under control, our Cooltech or Tencel Natural fibre zip on/off mattress covers with keep to cool and fresh

Lets make some assumptions