Top Tip: The border depth on your cover is NOT the finished thickness. A well fitted cushion is always thicker than the border width of the cover. When ordering we need the border depth of the cover NOT the finished thickness.

Foam & Covers: In this listing you are giving us the size of the cover “front to back” “side to side” and the “boarder depth” Its best practice to add Dacron & Stockinette if ordering a foam interior. This gives the cover some extra loft and tightens up the fabric but will not effect the size of the cover at the edges but will give a fuller appearance towards the centre of the cover. If no Dacron or stockinet is ordered we will reduce the boarder depth of the cushion to ensure a tight fit

Feather/ Fibre & Covers : This type of filling gives a fully domed appearance When ordering make sure you measure your existing cover not an old interior. We will make your feather or fibre interiors with a matching boarder width. Take not that a feather or fibre cushion with a 10cm border will be 15cm+ at the centre

Long thin bench cushions can often be a little baggy. Try to keep the cushion Length and width to a 2:1 ratio e.g 120cm x 60cm is perfect 200cm x 60cm may be a bit baggy So please take our advice Contact us and we can help to get the correct fit for you, and avoid disappointment.

Confused ? Contact us we prefer to talk it through on the phone or order Replacement Cushion Covers online