An honest & upfront approach to pricing

Many of our potential new customers will look at our prices with some degree of scepticism. They wonder why our competitors prices are significantly more expensive on a grade for grade basis.

Firstly we have some unique tessellation software that allows us to cut the foam with the minimum of waste . Orders are cut out of sequence so part of your order for example may be cut together with another customers, as this gives the best yield from the block or sheet.

It has become expected to offer Free Delivery . Free Delivery is a complete myth click on the link to see why. We charge the true cost of delivery . Even so on a grade for grade bases our prices are still better once the delivery charge has been added that our competitors . We offer the Price Promise to back up this statement.

You can reduce your prices even further with our unique Discount Vouchers.

We want to take an honest up front approach to pricing and hope this information is of help to you. If you have any questions please call us 01823337766 or 0800 7311168 We are always busy so please leave a message.