Airflow Hybrid Mattress (Custom Size Option) Min thickness 17.5cm

Hybrid Multi-Layer Technology

All the support of a pocket sprung mattress but without the springs.
Firm, Medium  & Orthopedic model available.
Multiple thickness options.
Sustainable Tencel Natural Botanical fabric cover options.
Triple layered design for maximum support
Memory foam pillows available.
100% recyclable.
RTB Refurb Service*
5 Year Warranty *






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AIRFLOW COMBO- Base layer V38 firm, Mid layer high density castellated foam, Top layer Vasco 50 high density memory foam, THIS PRODUCT IS UNSUITABLE FOR MATTRESSES UNDER 17CM THICK.

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    Tencel Eco Friendly Pillows
    Tencel Cooling Memory Foam Pillow, This unique Pillow concept is full adjustable to your own comfort level
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What is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid is a multi-layered mattress that combines layers of foam combined with one or more layers of pockets springs. Here at foam4u we have been pioneering a new approach to the concept of a Hybrid mattress. Replacing springs with a hospital grade, high density, castellated foam comfort support layer. Originally designed for hospital mattresses, high density castellated foam, when combined with high density memory foam provides un-paralleled support.
We have been part of a national mattress recycling program for many years ,this gives foam4u a unique perspective on how mattresses wear. It was clear that Hybrid sprung mattress wear our more frequently than the more expensive solid foam equivalents.

Hybrid Pocket sprung mattress have a low foam content as such 1000’s go to landfill every year. Our Hybrid mattress can be recycled, refurbished or improved if your requirements change.

Its very important to understand that firmness and support are not the same thing. As a general rule the thickness the mattress the more supportive it will be.

All our hybrids are constructed in the same way. Memory foam top layer, castellated & ventilated comfort layer, which take the place of the springs in a conventional pocket spring hybrid and a firm or medium firm layer in variable thicknesses  according to you mattress thickness choice

*Referb’ Service 
In the event you mattress needs changes the Airflow mattress is 100% recyclable as such individual components can easily be replaced. Just get the mattress back to us. Replacement components are far and away less costly than replacing the Mattress
* 5 year Warranty
In the event that a manufacturing fault develops within the first year of purchases we will collect, repair or replace the mattress. During the subsequent remaining 4 years simply return the mattress to us (RTB return to base) any manufacturing faults will be resolved and the mattress returned. Deterioration of the mattress due to wear and tear is not covered under this warranty, However foam4u will work hard to resolve any issue and may recommend upgrade using our refurb service.
Your Statutory rights are unaffected
*Automatic right of cancelation:
This product is bespoke  & made to the customer expectation and falls outside consumer contract regulations regarding automatic 14 days  right to return cooling off period.