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Sometime you come across an incredibly over engineered solution to a very simple product. This was the case recently with Dragons Den.  If you’re above average height, your feet stick out the bottom of the bed. You can use a elaborate contraception that sits at the head of the bed that needs to be bolted together, or you can do what we’ve been doing for years. Measure to width and height of your mattress, work out how much extra you’d to extend your bed. Fill our the ABC’s add option covers and slip sheet



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Extend the length of your divan or mattress, with our foam bed extender. Enter sizes in the boxes provided and extend your mattress to what ever length you require. The Bed Extender should always sit at the head of the bed and be level with the top of your existing mattress. Additional bespoke slip sheets […]

Notional Hardness
160 N
36 kg / m3

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Elevate Your Comfort with Our Innovative Foam Bed Extender

Unlock a new level of relaxation and comfort with our unique product. Specially designed to lengthen or widen your bed or mattress, this innovative accessory transforms your sleeping space to cater to your specific needs. Discover the benefits and reasons why you may want to extend a mattress with our premium foam bed extender.

Key Features of Our Foam Bed Extender:
Customizable Comfort:

Tailor your sleeping experience by extending the length or width of your bed. Our foam bed extender allows you to create a personalized sleep sanctuary that caters to your unique preferences.

High-Quality Foam Material:
Crafted from premium foam materials, our bed extender provides exceptional support and comfort. Experience a restful night’s sleep with the added luxury of our high-quality, durable foam.

Easy to Install and Remove:
Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting your bed size without the hassle. Our extender is easy to install and remove, making it a convenient solution for those who crave adaptability in their sleeping space.

Versatile Sizing Options:
Whether you need extra length or width, our foam bed extender comes in versatile sizing options to accommodate various bed and mattress sizes. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a bed that suits your needs.

Reasons to Extend Your Mattress:
Accommodate Growing Needs:
As life evolves, so do our needs. Whether accommodating a growing family or seeking more sleeping space for yourself, our foam bed extender provides a cost-effective solution without the need for a complete bed replacement.

Enhanced Sleeping Experience:
Elevate your nightly rest by extending your mattress. Enjoy the freedom to stretch out and relax, reducing the discomfort associated with constrained sleeping quarters.

Ideal for Guest Rooms:
Make your guests feel at home with a bed that suits their preferences. Our foam bed extender is an excellent addition to guest rooms, allowing you to provide a customized sleeping space for visitors.

Cost-Effective Bed Upgrade:
Rather than investing in an entirely new bed or mattress, our foam bed extender offers a budget-friendly alternative. Upgrade your sleeping experience without breaking the bank.

Invest in the ultimate sleep solution with our foam bed extender. Elevate your bed to new dimensions and experience a level of comfort that caters to your unique preferences. Order now and transform your sleeping space into a haven of personalized relaxation!