Fibre Seat Cushions (Square/ Rectangle)

How to order a Fibre Seat Cushions (Square/ Rectangle) in 3 simple steps

  • Choose your measurements mm’s cm’s or inches
  • Enter your sizes in the boxes provided
  • Check shape, Amend or Sent to Cart.


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100% Polyester


  • When ordering please measure your cushion cover between the seams or piping. Once you have those sizes entre in the boxes provided. We will adjust for the loft 


    Tell us what directions you want the panels to run    LONG SIDE OR SHORT SIDE

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100% Polyester

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Fibre Seat Cushions (Square/ Rectangle)

Fibre Seat Cushions (Square/ Rectangle) and all our fibre cushions come with channels within the cushion case to keep the filling in place.

Each cushion is filled to the density required for backs or seats.

We have a range of feather fillings to meet each customers budget

Only 100% premium polyester fibre is used to make our fibre cushions

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