Fixed Price Pallet Cushions

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How to order:

This listing is for Fixed Price cushions in our Madrid Water Resistant fabric & a recycled foam interior.

  • Choose Pallet Cushion Size.
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Fixed Price Pallet Cushions: New garden furniture can be very expensive. As a result more and more people are turning to the common Euro Pallet. Combine this with our  Cushion making Service and little DIY most of us can make rather smart comfortable Outdoor Seats.  Pallets are often available Free of Charge, the joy of upcycling is rather short lived, When you realise you can’t sew and you need new cushions. Bespoke upholstery can be more expensive than you first imagined . This listing  is the answer, just follow a few simple rules.

Fixed Price Pallet Cushions:

  •  Use Euro pallets.  The standard size is 120cm x 80cm.
  •  Don’t cut them about or change the size in any way.
  • To build the seat, pile up the Euro pallets Two or Three tall.
  • Make the back from one pallet.
  • Small backs assume Three pallet tall seat.
  • Large backs assume Two Pallet tall seat.

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