Airmat. Moisture Reducing Mattress Spacer (2 meter width)

3D Airmat  Spacer. A simple solution to the problem of damp and mildew under cushions a mattresses in boats ,caravans ,campervan, motorhomes and outdoor furniture.

£72.00 per meter

£72.00 per meter



Moisture Reducing Mattress Spacer Airmat.

Moisture Reducing Mattress Spacer is designed to stop condensation damaging mattresses or seat cushions. Airmat will help prevent  moisture and mildew building up under mattresses and upholstery in boats, caravans , campervans, motorhomes even outdoor furniture and pet beds. Airmat 3D  mattress underlay works by allowing air to flow underneath the mattress or upholstery. Greatly reducing the build up of moisture and mildew growth under mattresses and seating cushions.

The three-dimensional airmat™ fabric has millions of tiny nylon bristles that help to increase air circulation under your mattress or seating. Mattresses and cushions stay dry underneath, No more damp or mildew!