T Shape Foam Core Feather Seat Cushion

How to order a T Shape Foam Core Feather Seat Cushion in 4 simple steps

  • Choose your measurements mm’s cm’s or inches.
  • Enter your sizes in the boxes provided.
  • Increase measurements A, B, D and E by 2.5cm.
  • Choose which Foam grade best suites your requirements.
  • Check shape, Amend or Sent to Cart.

*Ensure measurements have been oversized as advised above*


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Foam Grade


Medium firm RF36/135  foam core   RF36/135  is comparable to reflex 40 H (Reflex 40 H is no longer available)    

Notional Hardness
135 N
Room Temp. Hardness
135 N
40 kg / m3
  • Foam core cushions are not suitable for covers with  a boarder thickness of less than 10cm (4") Customers should note that fibre or feather element of the product adds 5cm  (2") in loft on each side of the foam core. The finished thickness of a cushion with a boarder of 10cm will be nearly 20cm at the centre of the cushion.
    When you entre the the measurement for "C" and you have supplied you covers or we are making new covers for you. We will adjust the thickness of the core foam to suite the sizes and shape of the cover.  


    Tell us what directions you want the panels to run    LONG SIDE OR SHORT SIDE

Your Created Product


Foam Grade

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T Shape Foam Core Feather Seat Cushion

T Shape Foam Core Feather Seat Cushion and all our feather cushions come with channels within the cushion case to keep the filling in place

The foam core cushion comes with a  zipped pocket in the middle of the cushion. this enables customer to replace the foam at the centre of the cushion as comfort dictate

This product looks like a feather cushion but gives the support and ease of maintenance of  a foam filled cushion.

We use premium duck feathers combined with reflex foam for the ultimate is cushion comfort

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