Designed for use in all campervans.

Available in 2.5cm & 5cm thickness. Three foam options including Memory Foam & 50/50 Foam & Memory combination


  • This Rock & Roll Bed Topper will fit most VW campervan rock & roll bed set ups 190cm x 115cm
  • Cooling zipped, washable cover
  • Can be rolled or folded
  • Available in 2.5cm (1″) or 5cm (2″)
  • Optional water proof storage bag
  • Up to £100 cheaper than Duvalay equivalent. Let us know how much you’ve saved !

If you need a specific custom size check out our Custom size campervan memory foam topper section



  • Topper Sizes

    Foam Quality

    Cooling Covers

    Tote Bag Styles

    Waterproof Storage Bag

    Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow

    Custom Size Sheets



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