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Foam Grade


Notional Hardness
200 N
35 kg / m3
Flame Retardant
Low Melamine
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Foam Grade

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Made to Measure Booster Cushions

Do you struggle to get out of your favorite arm chair. Take a good look at Gordon he needs to be helped to his feet. The reason Gordon finds it so difficult to get up out of his arm chair is that his cushion is far too soft. His knees are about 6″ above his hips. No wonder he struggles

A booster cushion from foam4u will help to improve your posture. Good posture when sitting is very easy to achieve. All you need do is make sure your knees are slightly below your hips when sitting. This will help to maintain the correct serpentine shape to your spine. A healthy Spine is not straight. It has three gentle curves . Two in the neck and one in the lower back. With your knees above your hips, your spine is forced out of alignment. Leading to all sorts of ache and pains.

In Gordons case he no longer has the core strength to lift himself our off his armchair. He has to lift his bottom half 6″ just to get level with his knees. The solution is easy a foam4u booster cushion. A booster cushion made to the correct seat height will help him enormously.

Measure your correct seat height.

  • In a standing position back up to your seat
  • Take note of the distance between the top of the cushion and the crack of your knee
  • Order your booster cushion 5cm (2″) thicker than the distance just measured ie 4″ (10cm) from top of your old cushion to back of knee, order 15cm (6″) booster cushion.

Booster Cushions from foam4u are made from flame retardant high density resilient foam, we recommend your booster cushion be placed under your existing cushion rather than on top

Here at foam4u we can also replace your old cushion foam if required. Click the Foam Cut to Size link or Contact us we will be happy to assist you