L Shape DFS Cushions

How to order a L Shape in 5 simple steps

  • Choose your measurements mm’s cm’s or inches
  • Enter your sizes in the boxes provided
  • Add Dacron Polyester Wrap & Stockinette
  • Consider our Fit to Covers Service for the Prefect Fit.
  • Check shape, Amend or Sent to Cart.

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Foam Grade


Grade: Reflex 40 h Density: 40 kg per cu/m (High) Firmness: 135n (Medium Firm) Colour: Grey Properties: Flame Retardant, Melamine Free  

40 kg / m3
Flame Retardant
Melamine Free


    Match the foam thickness " C" to the boarder width of your cover then add 12 ounce Dacron for the perfect fit  Please let us know if the cushion covers are wider than the available space. We offer a free cushion fitting service, so let us know if you are sending in your covers.  

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Foam Grade

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Chair and Sofa Cushion Replacement L Shape DFS Cushions Service, where we take pride in enhancing the comfort and style of your DFS furniture through expert foam cushion replacements. Whether you’re looking to revamp your DFS chair or sofa, our high-quality foam options provide a luxurious and durable solution tailored to your preferences.

DFS Chair Cushion Replacement with Premium Foam:
Elevate your chair’s comfort with our specialized foam cushion replacement service. Say goodbye to worn-out cushions as we introduce a rejuvenated experience with our premium foam.

Sofa Cushion Upgrade for DFS with Luxurious Foam:
Transform the look and feel of your DFS sofa with our custom cushion upgrades, featuring the indulgence of various foam options for a personalized touch.

Chair Pad Refurbishment with Quality Foam:
Extend the life of your DFS chair with our professional pad refurbishment services, emphasizing the seamless and high-quality replacement process with our top-grade foam.

New Foam Cushions for DFS Furniture:
Explore our selection of brand-new cushions designed specifically for DFS chairs and sofas, featuring high-quality foam that promises lasting comfort and support.

Custom Sofa and Chair Cushions with Premium Foam:
Personalise your L Shape DFS Cushions  with our custom cushion options, showcasing the exceptional comfort and durability of our premium foam selections.

Luxurious DFS Foam Cushion Replacements:
Opt for the epitome of comfort with our luxurious foam cushion replacements, adding a touch of opulence to your DFS furniture.

Chair and Sofa Seat Pad Makeover with Plush Foam:
Revitalize your seating experience by replacing worn-out seat pads on both chairs and sofas, ensuring a snug fit and lasting comfort with our plush foam.

DFS Couch Cushion Revamp with Comfortable Foam:
Give your DFS couch a new lease on life with our cushion replacement services, featuring comfortable foam options for a refreshed and like-new feel.

Tailored Chair and Sofa Cushion Solutions with Foam Expertise:
Experience our tailored solutions for DFS chair and sofa cushions, expertly crafted with a focus on premium foam for customized comfort.

High-Quality Foam Inserts for DFS Furniture:
Discover a selection of high-quality foam inserts designed to enhance the coziness of your DFS furniture. Choose the perfect foam option for your preferences and indulge in elevated comfort.








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