Pop-Top Roof Mattress

Need a campervan pop-top roof mattress?


  •  Can be left in roof when pop top is lowered
  • 16 Covers options including Waterproof , Cooling or Easy Clean
  • Available in 4.5cm & 4cm thicknesses to accommodate most pop tops
  • 7 Comfort levels including Tri-Zone for extra support
  • Removable and washable cover (Cool wash Don’t tumble dry)
  • Optional custom size 100% cotton fitted sheets & memory foam pillow
  • Waterproof tote bags

Specifically designed for Campervan pop-top roof mattresses (Check clearance before order)

Will fit most campervan pop-top roof & roof tent manufacturers.

Please check the lead time for all options chosen.

Need something made to a custom size Just click the link.




  • Choose Pop-Top Size

    Choose Foam Grade

    Cover Options

    Add Fitted Cotton sheets

    Add a Memory Foam Pillow

    Tote Bag Styles

    Tote Bag Colours



Fed up sleeping on an inadequate, uncomfortable pop top roof mattress, looking for a new Pop-Top roof mattress

I think we all know that sleeping on a Pop-Top roof mattress , unless you a child under 10 is pretty awful, Often the Pop-Top roof mattress supplied in campervan pop tops and roof tents are woefully inadequate, but they needn’t be. Generally the foam is of such poor quality, lacks the density to provide any real support. As one of the UK largest suppliers of foam & foam cut to size, we understand foam. Support comes from Volume, the one thing you’ve not got in a roof mattress is volume

Pop top roof mattresses need to fit inside your campervan elevating roof, so its a good idea to check the clearance before you order.  We have 2 standard thickness available 4.0cm & 4.5cm. We also offer totally bespoke custom size pop top mattresses.   using Most domestic mattresses are generally over 20cm thick which is four times the volume of most pop top roof mattresses, So if you’re hoping for a home away from home we think you may be disappointed, It very important to focus on support rather than firmness, Support comes from volume. The thicker the mattress, the more support it provides. To get the maximum support from a mattress as thin as 5cm we recommend you choose a foam that is both high density & firm

Need a bespoke made to measure Pop-top Roof Mattresses, Caravan or Campervan Mattress. Contact us. We can make to any shape shape mattress you can think of.

To help you choose the best foam for your pop-top roof mattress

#1 Budget Foam:

Eco friendly option  made from firm high density foam bonded off cuts .

#2 Lightweight Foam:

Not really suitable for anyone other than small children

#3 V38 Firm :

A high density foam.  Exactly the same foam as budget foam, recommended for adults and children alike

#4 RG50 firm:

Probably the best foam for a pop top mattress. Firm & very high density providing the maximum support possible given the absence of volume

#5 Memory foam;

High density, soft foam works well as a mattress topper, Not recommended to be used as a mattress on it own.

#6 Foam / Memory Combo;

50:50 firm foam & memory combination,

#7 Tri Zone  is our 3 part sectional mattress designed to provide support in all the right places. The Tri Zone provides firmer higher density foam that supports the occupants mid section with soft, more gentle support for both head and foot ends, Combine this with our superb Tencel natural fiber, washable, zip on off cooling mattress cover a better nights sleep is guarantied.   

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