VW T2 Late Bay Full Width Rock and Roll Foam, 3 Piece Set 1974-1979

Order separately or as a complete 3 part set

£144.46 inc Vat 

Rock & Roll Bed Foam Kits, high quality RV38 Firm foam or Memory Foam Combination for VW T2 late bay full width Rock and Roll Beds 1974-1979,

Please note replacement Rock & Roll bed mechanism’s can vary in size. Please check the sizes listed below fully match your particular set up or click this link for fully Custom size Rock & Roll Bed Foam.




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Rock & Roll Bed Foam Kits

Looking for a VW T2 Late bay Full Width Rock and Roll Foam, 3 piece set 1974-1979. Here at foam4u there are lots of ways to order foam cut to whatever shape and size you require. To much choice can be confusing. In this listing we have taken our most popular foam sizes for a specific V w campervan. Its always wise just to check the size listed match exactly the sizes you need for your particular bed mechanism before you order. If you need custom sizes we’ve got you covered, just click the highlighted link and enter your preferred sizes, We will cut it to your exact specification.

If you would like a quote for cushion covers and upholstery, please contact us and we will be very happy to help