Custom hand made Outdoor cushion covers and foam (Fabric Sold Separately)

Most Popular Shapes are listed below:

The popularity of the UK staycation has prompted the Great British Public during lockdown to refurb their gardens. Now that we are entering a cost of living crises the staycation is going to be even more popular over the next few years.

Lots of us have rattan out door furniture bought online or from the local garden centre or DIY store. The only problem being the water resistant cushion covers don’t last.  After a year or so they start to fade & mildew spots appears. The temptation is to get a whole new set of garden furniture that include new water resistant cushion covers. The problem is its not very eco friendly creating yet more plastic waste. Plastic rattan last for decades, there is likely nothing wrong with your current garden set other than the covers. There is now a noticeable decline in the quality of new outdoor furniture. Manufacturers source ever cheaper materials.  Its unlikely  that a new set of outdoor furniture will last as long as the one it replaces.  Our advice keep what you have and get new cushion covers it will prove to be less costly in the long run.

Lots of our customer put off by the lack of quality of new outdoor furniture are building their own.  Pallet Seating was all the rage in 2020. We created a standard set of cushions for Pallet Seating based in the standard Euro Pallets.  Our advice if you want Water resistant cushion covers for pallets stick to the Euro Pallet size of 120cm x 80cm You will save ££££’s

Fire Pits are very popular, made from wood, brick or concrete, creating a permanent feature in the garden.  If you are thinking of building your own outdoor seating think about the depth of the seat. Too narrow at you are limited for the thickness of back cushions. Our advice make the front to back depth of the seat about 60cm. This will then give you enough space for a soft, comfy back cushion.

Here at foam4u we have two solutions.  VALUE RANGE  or this listing of bespoke hand made to measure outdoor cushion covers. Using the shapes shown below, customers can build and create the perfect set of water resistant cushion covers. There is a huge range of foam or fibre cushion fillings available, even memory foam & foam combinations. You can even order just covers if you don’t need and fillings.

Unlike our Value Range you will need to order your Fabric separately. Don’t worry there is lots to choose from and a handy tool to help you work out exactly how much you will need.

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Showing all 16 results