Replacement Fibre Cushions.

Have your seat cushion gone flat. No matter how much you plump them, you just cant bring them back to like. When you first had them they were full and plump and luxurious to sit on.  This problem is common to all fibre seat cushions. Most likely it will happen again. Unless you maintain them with a good daily workout.  There is nothing more appealing than a well filled feather or fibre cushion. So to keep your fibre cushion looking at there best. You need to spend just a few minuets at the end of the day rigorously  plumping them up.

Our Replacement fibre cushions  are filled with a blown hollow fibre. If you fail to maintain a daily dressing routine all the fibres will mat together and in time the cushion will get very flat and the matted fibres will be impossible to separate. You may prefer a lower maintenance solution such as a Feather or foam filled cushion.