Welcome to the Feather Seat Cushions “CONFIGURATOR”.  All you need to do is measure your cushion covers. (Not the filling) Fill in the ABC’s etc.

Step #1  Choose your shape.

Step #2   Measure your existing cover from front to back and side to side.   Enter the sizes in to the boxes provided

Step #3  Measure the border depth on the original cover. Enter the sizes in to the boxes provided

Top Tip  The border width is NOT the finished thickness of the cover. You can expect the finished  thickness of the cushion to be at least double the figure you enter for the depth of the border. This is known as the “LOFT”

Step #4 The shape Configurator tool with display on image of what you’re ordering (for reference only and without the addition of the loft)

Step #5 Choose you filling.

We often find that because this is not  every day that customers order Feather Seat Cushions they may need some  assistance.  If that’s the case please contact us. Our staff have a vast amount of experience at their disposable. They are always happy to help.

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Showing all 4 results