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Top Tip: The border depth on your cover is NOT the finished thickness. A well fitted cushion is always thicker than the border width of the cover. When ordering we need the border depth of the cover NOT the finished thickness of the centre of the cushion.

Foam & Covers: In this listing you are giving us the size of the cover “front to back” “side to side” and the “boarder depth” Its best practice to add Dacron & Stockinette if ordering a foam interior. This gives the cover some extra loft and tightens up the fabric but will not effect the size of the cover at the edges but will give a fuller appearance towards the centre of the cover. If no Dacron or stockinet is ordered we will reduce the boarder depth of the cushion to ensure a tight fit

Feather/ Fibre & Covers : This type of filling gives a fully domed appearance When ordering make sure you measure your existing cover not an old interior. We will make your feather or fibre interiors with a matching boarder width. Take note that a feather or fibre cushion with a 10cm border will be 15cm plus at the centre

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