Heavy Duty Foam Crumb

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Heavy duty crumb foam is made from the offcuts of multicoloured reconstituted foam. It is a dense foam with a course texture.
Suggested uses:
Add as a supplement to rejuvenate an old bean bag or to fill dog / Pet beds for heavier breeds.

Shredded flame retardant foam will not have the same flame retardant properties as un-shredded flame retardant foam.

It remains the responsibility of the customer to check the suitability of this product for any given application.

Please note reconstituted foam crumb is about 3 times heavier than standard foam crumb as such is its volume to weight ratio is reduced by the same amount.

When calculating how much Heavy Duty Foam Crumb is required 1 cu/m volume will weigh about 90kg standard foam crumb is about 35kg per cu/m.

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