Memory Foam & Fibre Hybrid Cushion Filler

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Memory Foam & Fibre Hybrid Cushion Filler

Introducing our innovative Memory Foam & Fibre product, a superior alternative to traditional carded Dacron “Hollow Fibre.” Unlike standard Dacron, which tends to clump together and becomes challenging to maintain when used in pillows and cushions, our hybrid filler offers a solution to these common issues.

By shredding the Dacron instead of carding it, we have minimized clumping tendencies. The combination of shredded Memory Foam and Dacron results in a filling medium that resists clumping, requires minimal effort to maintain, and provides a cushion with a delightful bounce. This unique blend not only helps maintain the cushion’s shape but also adds an extra layer of comfort, thanks to the inclusion of Memory Foam.

Our Memory Foam & Fibre Cushion Filler complies with the flammability requirements of BS5852: 1982 Part 2 ignition source 2. It adheres to the standards outlined in Schedule 2 Part 1 (ignitability test for non-foam filling materials singly) of The Furniture & Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988, with Amendment No. 2358 in 1989 and No. 1993.

It’s important to note that while shredded flame retardant foam maintains certain flame retardant properties, they may not be identical to those of un-shredded flame retardant foam. We prioritize transparency and recommend that customers verify the suitability of this product for their specific application.

Your satisfaction and safety are our priorities. Choose our Memory Foam & Fibre Hybrid Cushion Filler for a reliable and comfortable solution that exceeds traditional expectations.



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