What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Is simple terms a Hybrid Mattress is a multi-layered combination of foam and springs. Foam4u take a slightly different view when it comes to hybrid mattresses.
As part of a National Mattress Recycling Program, we’ve undertaken a considerable amount of research and development  in to what makes a great mattress.

As part of the program we’ve  recycled 1000’s of Simba, Emma, Eve, Casper, Tempur mattresses. Looking at how mattress wear, applying the lessons learnt when dismantling some of the UK best mattresses. We have developed our own limited range for our unique Springless Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress.

Pocket springs are great at reducing motion transfer, However these mattresses are mostly empty space & can be very hot as warm moist air gets trapped, This overtime reduces the effectiveness of the springs as they rust and loose resistance.  Our research has shown that in nearly every case as a Pocket sprung mattress comes to the end of its life . The side walls of the mattress are prone to collapse. Due to air pressure from inside the mattress being forced out of the unventilated environment

Here at foam4u we’ve developed our own unique version of a Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress. Replacing pocket springs with a high density ventilated comfort layer, while retaining minimal motion transfer. Combined with a choice of cooling zip/on/off cover, Not only does this unique mattress come in standard UK sizes it can also be fully customised to any shape or size (above 17cm thickness)  .

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