Eco Friendly Dog Bed Inserts.

Looking to create a sumptuous, comfortable dog bed mattress?

Here you will find 5 shredded foam product options, Just perfect to replace the filling in a large dog bed.

As dog owners we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure they are pampered pet are well cared for. Some of us have even gone to the expense of creating a dog bed sofa or a dog bed mattress to rival our own.

Shredded foam  helps to create a calming dog bed, and can provide orthopedic dog bed support for old or sick dogs

Who would have ever thought in the 21st centaury that there would be such a thing as a giant size dog bed for humans. They’re all the rage.  Like a giant been bag filled with shredded foam or shredded memory foam

Looking for a cooling dog mat, Shredded crumb foam make for a great dog car bed providing excellent support when the car is moving . Every dog basket deserves to have the very best dog bed cushion options

All our Shredded Foam is recovered from production off-cuts, nothing goes to waste or landfill. Shredded Foam Crumb is a versatile, eco friendly, cost effective filling for cushion of all types. A popular choice for dog and pet beds.

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Showing all 6 results